WIP, founded in 1968, plans, develops, realises and monitors systems and installations in the field of renewable energy technologies and environmental engineering.

  • more than 30 years experience in Renewable Energy Projects
  • more than 400 publications
  • more than 300 project realisations
  • more than 100 international events organised

The first 15 PV Pilot Plants in EU countries have been developed and set-up in the years 1981-84, supported by the European Commission in the frame of the 2nd Energy R+D Programme. WIP has been part of this action and started its PV Solar activities at that time.

The 15 'historical' first generation PV Pilot Plants in the early eighties in the 30 to 300 kW range were:


  • Aghia Roumeli, Greece
  • Chevetogne, Belgium
  • Fota Island, Ireland
  • Giglio Island, Italy
  • Hoboken, Belgium
  • Kaw, French Guyana
  • Kythnos Island, Greece
  • Marchwood, United Kingdom
  • Mont Bouquet, France
  • Nice Airport, France
  • Pellworm Island, Germany
  • Rondulinu, France
  • Terschelling Island, The Netherlands
  • Tremiti Island, Italy
  • Vulcano Island, Italy

Several of above plants are still in operation.