WIP provides state-of-the-art solutions in
the field of

  • PV Solar Energy
  • Energy from Biomass
  • Wind Energy
  • Hybrid Power Plants
  • Building-Related Energy Issues
  • Energy Storage
  • Urban Energy and Environmental Planning
  • Solar Thermal Installations
  • Desalination and Water Provision

WIP's activities in the renewable energy sector
focus on

  • Component and system development
  • Service provision to industry, utilities & end-users of renewable energy technology
  • Demonstration of state-of-the-art techniques
  • Formulation of strategies for achieving greater integration of renewable energy technologies
  • Management and organisation of major events aimed at advancing knowledge transfer and assisting in achieving greater market penetration of renewable energy technologies

WIP provides

expert technical and non-technical service to private, industrial and public sector clients at national and international level.

WIP applies

an integrated approach to bridge the gap between project idea and realisation and to guarantee the successful implementation of your project.

WIP offers

  • Planning, development and implementation of Renewable Energy systems
  • Consultancy services on bioenergy, solar and wind energy, energy efficiency, rural development, water treatment
  • Coordination of international Renewable Energy projects
  • Realisation of major Renewable Energy events, workshops, fora, platforms
  • Networking in Europe and around the globe
  • Contribution to the set-up of Strategies and Policies
  • Dissemination, Publishing activities, promotion of RE Technologies
  • Technical supervision and realisation of both large- and small- scale projects which involve the coordination of international consortia.