WIP places an experienced and interdisciplinary team of qualified and committed personnel at your disposal with specific achievements in technical engineering and the complementary economics disciplines. This team is supported by a professional and versatile multi-lingual secretariat.

  • 30 years experience in Renewable Energy Projects
  • 20+ multinational team members

Project Department

PV Solar
Ingrid Weiss
Matthias Grottke
Silvia Caneva
Sofia Arancon
Simon Challet
Pablo Alonso

Rainer Janssen
Dominik Rutz
Rita Mergner
Cosette Khawaja
Juan-Manuel Ugalde
Ingo Ball

Matthias Grottke

Interdisciplinary Projects
Michael Papapetrou
Thomas Maidonis


Event Department
Jon De Gregorio
Melanie Kern
Christine Paukner
Denis Schultz
Anna Stenzel


Patricia Gerlinger
Christine Meyer-H├Ąge
Susanne Schroll

Scientific & Managing Director
Peter Helm


To contact our team members via e-mail, please send messages to firstname.familyname[a]