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Empowering Local Heros with the Shares Project

Discover the power of local heroes with SHAREs, a Horizon 2020 project that supports and empowers individuals to start or grow their energy communities. SHAREs not only facilitates the growth of these communities, but also empowers them to engage directly with consumers and bridge the gap for those unfamiliar with the concept of energy communities. In each partner country, a dedicated gateway serves as a central hub that provides everything needed to start or grow an energy community:
  • Austria: energie-teilen.at
  • Bulgaria: sharerenewables.bg
  • Croatia: energetske-zajednice.hr
  • Germany: erneuerbare-energie-gemeinschaften.de
  • Georgia: energy4all.ge
  • Hungary: tudaster.kozenergia.hu
They were established using the previously published blueprint that provides the structure and ideas for national one-stop-shops dedicated to energy communities and collective actions.

ETIP PVs Presents Latest Publications and Dates for Annual Conference

New Publications
In the last months, ETIP PV released valuable publications that cover key topics in photovoltaics:
  • Social PV white paper: Towards sustainable and massive deployment of Photovoltaics: the nexus of socio-economic and technological challenges
  • Low-cost PV - The Key for Sustainable Future Energy System factsheet
  • PV Manufacturing in Europe, ensuring Resilience through industrial policy white paper will be the topic of a pv Magazine webinar (16/01).
ETIP PV Conference 2024
Mark your calendar for the ETIP PV Conference on May 22 & 23, 2024, set to take place in Brussels.
For the 19th time, the ETIP PV Conference brings together European PV experts from research and industry, to address various challenges faced by the PV sector.

Under the theme, “Digitalised and Responsive PV: The driver of Grid and Market evolution”, the event will focus on the importance of PV Digitalisation and Cybersecurity and which operational policies are needed place to ensure that PV Grid integration is not a bottleneck for the energy transition.
For more information, please visit

Kick-Starting the New DC-POWER Project

The EU-funded DC-POWER project has officially started in January 2024. The project's first consortium get-together has taken place in Chambéry, at the CEA the coordinator premises, on the 11th & 12th January. Over the course of its four-year duration, the project aims to demonstrate the benefits of direct current grid at medium voltage for local distribution compared to a standard 3-phase AC local distribution grid.

Stay tuned! More information will follow soon!

SERENDI-PV Insights: New Publications Available

Explore the latest publications from the SERENDI-PV project to delve into cutting-edge research on solar energy. These publications represent the dedication and expertise of project partners, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in PV generation.

They illuminate the path to overcoming two significant challenges the project is addressing: reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) for PV and enabling the integration of a rapidly increasing share of PV power into power networks, up to penetration levels of several dozens of percent.

BioTheRos Presents New Project Website

Discover the recently launched BioTheRos project website, offering information in partners' local languages (GR, SP, DE, NL), in addition to English. The project’s objective is to develop a comprehensive approach to accelerate the production of sustainable biofuels.

For more information about the project, its partners, and results, visit the website and follow us on LinkedIn and X.

PYRAGRAF’s First Newsletter Published

The PYRAGRAF project, initiated six months ago, aims to integrate concentrated solar energy into a mobile pyrolysis unit for biomass, enabling efficient and economical production of both biochar and wood vinegar. The first newsletter highlights the project’s activities and progress.

To stay tuned about the project developments, subsribe to the newsletter.

For more information, visit the website and follow the social media channels on LinkedIn and X!

Follow the iAMP-Hydro Social Media Channels

The iAMP-Hydro project is now on LinkedIn and X, sharing all the public results coming out from the project, invitation to relevant events, info on the achievements by the consortium and the individual project partners,  and the latest news related to the hydropower sector.

Don't miss out on valuable information! If you enjoy engaging with experts in hydropower topics online, join the iAMP-Hydro community. Follow the social media channels to stay informed and be part of the exciting conversations shaping the future of hydropower.

EU PVSEC 2024 Calls for Research Papers

The 41st edition of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition is set to take place from 23rd to 27th September 2024 in Vienna, Austria. The EU PVSEC is the leading event in the fi eld of Photovoltaics. It combines a high-level international Conference on research, technology, and applications with an innovative PV Industry Exhibition that attracts companies, manufacturers, and research centers worldwide.

If you wish to showcase your research work to leading international experts in the field of PV, make sure to submit your paper by 2nd February.

Additionally, for companies seeking enhanced visibility, consider securing a spot at the innovative industry exhibition!

However you choose to contribute to the event, we are looking forward to having you join the EU PVSEC 2024 in Vienna!

EU Disclaimer

This Newsletter includes short reports on projects that have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 / Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreements No 101033722 (Project: SHAREs), 101075398 (Project: ETIP PV), 101135828 (Project: DC-Power), 953016 (Project: Serendi-PV), 101122212 (Project: BioTheRos), 101114608 (Project: Pyragraf), 101122167 (Project: iAMP-Hydro).
The sole responsibility for the content of contributions related to these projects in this Newsletter lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EASME/INEA nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.
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