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Empowering Communities: POWER-E-COM Kicks Off EU-Funded Project for Energy Transformation

From 23-24 October the kick-off meeting of the new project POWER-E-COM (Co-funded by the European Union) took place in Munich. The consortium from 6 partner countries started highly motivated and enthusiastic into a work with high goals:

Power-E-Com supports local authorities and citizens in developing a common methodology for the development of energy community models in the 6 partner countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia and Spain) and testing them in at least 45 pilot sites.
We're excited to share that POWER-E-COM partners are revising REC and CEC landscapes in our partner countries. Comprehensive reports are being prepared and will be discussed during an internal workshop in Linz, Austria this February.

Follow the news on the project on project our website and LinkedIn account. Our video series is also now available online.

Exciting News: BioRECAST Project Took Off

In November 2023, the EU-funded BioRECAST project officially commenced with a kick-off meeting at Politecnico di Torino, bringing together eight partners from four countries (IT, DE, CZ, ES). The project’s mission is to revolutionise steelmaking by reusing EAF waste-heat to convert residual biomass into biocoal and sustainable bioenergy. This eco-friendly fuel alternative enhances the sustainability of the steelmaking process. Stay updated on our journey by visiting the BioRECAST EU Project's website, LinkedIn page and, X/ Twitter. Together, we're paving the way for a greener future! #BioRECAST #SustainableEnergy #Innovation

Check out our new flyer on LinkedIn!

RHC ETIP Annual Conference at ISEC: Uniting for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Get ready for an innovative twist this year as the RHC Annual Conference merges with the International Sustainable Energy Conference (ISEC) in Graz, Austria on 10 - 11 April. This collaboration aims to foster synergies by uniting individuals passionate about renewable heating and cooling technologies under one roof.

The RHC Annual Conference will take the form of a 90-minute session, featuring engaging presentations from ETIP, followed by a dynamic panel discussion. Stay updated on all the sustainable heating and cooling developments by following our website and social media channel.

Join us in Graz for a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the future of sustainable energy solutions!

GIFFT Project: Greening Europe's Glass Industry

The GIFFT project focuses on transforming glass manufacturing, employs plasma-assisted combustion and bio-based solutions to enhance sustainability. GIFFT aspires to revolutionize the glass industry through collaborative efforts and sustainable innovation.

The website of the GIFFT project is now online: www.gifft-europe.eu.
Check it out for more details about the GIFFT project!

The ESCIB Project: A step forward to sustainability and circularity

From 16-17 January 2024, the kick-off meeting of the ESCIB project took place at WIP’s premises in Munich. Gathering all partners in person for the first time, productive and engaging discussions were ignited, setting a solid foundation for the project.

The main objective of ESCIB is to develop standardised, life-cycle methodologies for assessing bio-based systems at various technology readiness levels. This initiative is a step towards deepening our comprehension and bolstering the sustainability of bio-based products.
Stay tuned as we journey together towards a greener future!

Join the SCALE-UP Project's Free Online Bioeconomy Training Series

The SCALE-UP project’s insightful, free online training sessions focusing on advancing a sustainable bioeconomy, are continuing! Each session features expert presentations, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities. Trainings are conducted in English, with AI-powered translation for local languages.
The next sessions are:
Digitalisation in the Bioeconomy: Explore digital solutions transforming waste to resources.
Dates: 6 and 27 February 2024.

More enlightening sessions are on the way! Register now for these upcoming sessions and stay updated on future sessions via our website: Trainings - www.scaleup-bioeconomy.eu

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With a solid track record of over 100 renewable energy projects, WIP has more than 25 years of experience in coordinating and evaluating EU projects. Improve your skills with personalised courses and workshops in project management, coordination, proposal writing, budgeting and navigating the EU funding landscape.

In addition, our in-house experts, who also act as project evaluators for the European Commission, are ready to review or assist in the preparation of your EU project proposals before submission.
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EU Disclaimer

This Newsletter includes short reports on projects that have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 / Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreements No 101120998 (Project: POWER-E-COM), 101112601 (Project: BioRECAST), 825998 (Project: RHC ETIP), 101122257 (Project: GIFFT), 101135071 (Project: ESCIB), 101060264 (Project: SCALE-UP).
The sole responsibility for the content of contributions related to these projects in this Newsletter lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EASME/INEA nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.
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