Promotion of Renewable Energy for Water production through Desalination

Duration: 2008 – 2010 ● Client: European Commission (IEE) ● WIP Role: Coordination, Market uptake, Communication and Dissemination ●

ProDes brought together 14 leading European organisations to support the use of renewable energy for powering desalination in remote or isolated areas where the grid cannot accommodate high penetration of intermittent sources. The focus was in Southern Europe where desalination is an increasingly important energy demand factor.

The project involved the industry, academia, investors and institutional actors and resulted in:

  • European wide coordination and therefore maximum use of the synergies within the sector
  • Development of specialised scientists, technicians and professionals that will support the market development
  • Networking between technology developers with stakeholders in the local market that can promote the products to the end users
  • Guidelines for capital raising that will allow easier access to finance for product development and concrete project implementation
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the framework conditions in each country
  • Conception of a subsidy scheme
  • Familiarization of the general public with the RE-desalination concept

All project results are available to be downloaded from the project website


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