Co-ordination Action for Autonomous Desalination Units based on Renewable Energy Systems

Duration: 2004 – 2006 ● Client: European Commission (FP6) ● WIP Role: Coordination, Research and Innovation ●

In the ADU-RES network leading research institutions from Europe and Southern Mediterranean Countries have joined forces to bridge the gap between successful R&D work and commercialisation of autonomous desalination plants.

ADU-RES focuses on the following aspects:

    Advanced system management
    Cost reduction
    Improved long-term reliability
    Environmentally sound set-ups

ADU-RES brought together scientists, decision makers and industrial players from the EU and the target regions by providing the platform for concrete autonomous desalination units installations plans. The following actions were undertaken:

    Surveying the relevant R&D developments and undertaking own research on energy efficiency and cost reduction issues
    Analysis of socio-economic conditions and political framework conditions in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine
    Dialogue with researchers and decision makers to exploit the project results and boost market development of renewable energy powered desalination units

All project results are available to download on the project website.


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