Best practices and implementation go innovative business models for renewable energy aggregators

Duration: 2016 – 2019 ● Client: European Commission (H2020) ● WIP Role: Research and Innovation ●

The European electricity market is in a process of reorganization, which is connected to major changes in the composition of the mix of generation and the electricity market design. In particular, the ever-growing share of electricity produced from renewable energy sources requires new considerations regarding the integration of green electricity in the existing structures and a new orientation of the current system as a whole.

The research project "Best practices and implementation of innovative business models for Renewable Energies aggregators" (BestRES) investigated this in nine European states in particular so-called role. Energy aggregators who want to perpetuate by combining green electricity or the demand for green power new innovative business models. The Umwelt Energy Law examined here, the legal obstacles can arise in this respect and how they inter alia could be eliminated by legislation at European level.


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