Medium voltage DC grids driving megawatt-scale applications

Duration: 2024 - 2027 ● Client: CINEA (Horizon Europe) ● WIP Role: CCommunication & Dissemination ● https:// dcpower.tech

The DC-POWER project, aims to show that direct current grid at medium voltage for local distribution operating at bipolar ±1.5 kV—with a significant local, fluctuating generation through RES—leads to a significant reduction of distribution energy losses, at least a 50% reduction in the copper used in conductors.
There are several initiatives in low voltage DC secondary distribution grids, and DC-POWER is expanding their concepts into the medium voltage range. We propose the D3Bus (Dual DC Distribution Bus), a bipolar DC bus operating at ±1.5 kV. Compared to standard 3-phase 400V AC distribution the D3Bus can reduce distribution energy losses by over 90%, reduce downtime, equipment cost, and space requirements while increasing sustainability.

Considering the previously described status, the EU project DC-POWER aims to show the benefits of direct current grid at medium voltage for local distribution compared to a standard 3-phase AC local distribution grid.

DC-POWER demonstrates, tests and validates the D3 Bus concept in 2 operational pilots:

  • A industrial-scale hydrogen electrolyser system with a total power of 2MW.
  • A novel data centre with up to 500 kW installed IT power.

Both pilots include sizeable solar PV arrays (200 kW) while the data centre also includes a directly coupled storage solution with UPS functionality.

In order to realize these pilots, DC-POWER develops several DC-DC converters, an AC active frontend, as well as system protection components and a power/energy management system.


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