Upgrading the performance of district heating networks in Europe

Duration: 2018-2021 ● Client: European Commission (IEE) ● WIP Role: Coordination; Communication & Dissemination ● www.upgrade-dh.eu

The Upgrade DH project aims to improve the performance of existing district heating networks in Europe by supporting selected demonstration cases for upgrading, which can be replicated in Europe.

More specifically, the objectives of the Upgrade DH project are:

  • To initiate the DH upgrading process for eight district heating systems (heat generation, heat distribution, and heat use) up to the investment stage. The upgrading process includes efficiency measures, the integration of renewable energies, and sector coupling.
  • To save, by initiating the eight demo cases, more than 190 GWh/a primary energy and of 77,000 t CO2equiv. GHG emissions.
  • To increase the share of waste/residual heat (currently 7 % in the demo cases) by more than 6 %, and the share of renewable heat (currently 28 % in the demo cases) by more than 20 % in the eight demo cases and beyond.
  • To replicate the proposed upgrading solutions across Europe through multiplication associations as well as through the European Innovation and Technology Platforms (ETIPs).
  • To develop regional / national action plans for the retrofitting of district heating networks.

UpgradeDH demo cases:

  • Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Middelfart, Denmark
  • Sisak, Croatia
  • Marburg, Germany
  • Ferrara and Bologna, Italy
  • Salcininkai, Lithuania
  • Grudziadz, Poland
  • Puremerend, the Netherlands


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