BIObased REsidues Conversion to Advanced fuels for sustainable STeel production

Duration: 2023 - 2027 ● Client: European Commission (H2020) ● WIP Role: Dissemination & Communication, Stakeholder Engagement ●

Steel sector decarbonization is a key challenge for the EU Green deal targets. BioRECAST proposes a “New and improved steelmaking technique”, reusing EAF waste-heat for the on-site conversion of residual biomass into biocoal and sustainable bioenergy, to be used as alternative sustainable fuels for steelmaking process, increasing the sustainability of EAF process. BioRECAST addresses the Research objective Art.8 for steel: “New, sustainable and low-carbon steelmaking and finishing techniques”. The project also aims to the research objective “Decarbonisation and Modernisation of steel sector”, of the European Green Deal CommunicationThe project work plan includes: biocoal production tests in a 100 kg/h plant, biocoal industrial tests in EAFs; pyrogases combustion trials and design of new pyrogas burner to be used in EAFs, and the executive design based on two industrial case studies of a new integrated pyro-EAF steelmaking plant.



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