Founded in Munich in 1968, WIP Renewable Energies focused at its early stages on global infrastructure and institutional development in international cooperation. It quickly established itself as a pioneer in renewable energies and efficiency technologies. For example, WIP contributed to the development of the first EU-funded photovoltaic (PV) pilot plants in Europe and furthermore supported the creation of guidelines for PV system design, later adopted as an EU standard.

As one of the main organisers of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC), WIP made a long-standing contribution to the promotion of solar energy in Europe. Nowadays, we are organising several other renewable energy related events every year, ranging from large-scale international conferences to targeted trainings and workshops in developing countries.

Since the 1990s, WIP broadened its expertise into wind energy, bioenergy, and innovative technologies like salinity gradient power, which led to the world's first reverse electrodialysis power generation system in 2014. Over the years, WIP developed its expertise in renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, smart grid and hybrid energy applications. In total, WIP has contributed to numerous projects related to renewable energy research, innovation and implementation with more than 900 partners worldwide.

WIP Renewable Energies was among the founding members of several European renewable energy associations such as EPIA (now Solar Power Europe), EWEA (now Wind Europe), EUBIA (European Biomass Industry Association) and EUREC (The Association of Renewable Energy Research Centres). Currently, WIP is a member of various associations and platforms advancing renewable energy solutions in Europe.

WIP also became a key player in the development of energy market policies and strategies. As a member and leader in various European technology and innovation platforms, WIP has played a pioneering role in supporting European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIs) and the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, WIP Renewable Energies continues to be a major Munich-based medium-sized company involved in over 400 renewable energy projects and remains committed to shaping a sustainable energy future through research, innovation and knowledge transfer on a global scale.

Dr Peter Helm, a founding member of WIP Renewable Energies, was a visionary leader whose early contributions provided a strong foundation for WIP's pioneering role in the renewable energy sector. Sadly, Dr Helm passed away in 2024, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to inspire our work and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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Image: Agia Roumeli, Greece. From 1981 to 1984 WIP Renewable Energies took part in the development of the first EU-funded photovoltaic pilot plants across Europe.

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WIP Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co Planungs-KG · WIP Renewable Energies
Sylvensteinstr. 2, 81369 München, Deutschland · Registergericht München HRA 46696
Haftende Gesellschaft Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur GmbH · Registergericht München HRB 7828
Geschäftsführer Veranstaltungen & Wissenstransfer: Jonas Bergmiller, Geschäftsführer Geschäftsentwicklung & Strategie: Jannis Haack
Geschäftsführer Projekte & Consulting: Dr. Rainer Janssen, Geschäftsführer: Dipl.-Ing., MBA INSEAD Hans Hammer

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