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At WIP Renewable Energies, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations through training and knowledge transfer. We specialize in renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on photovoltaics (PV) and EU-funded projects.

PV Academy:

A dedicated platform for learning and professional development in the photovoltaic industry. The PV Academy is an educational format which will give a deep insight into selected PV research and development topics and offers a wide range of lectures that enable an international exchange of knowledge and best practices. It supports the global PV community with the mission to:

  • educate about the fundamentals of different PV technologies,
  • facilitate newcomers in the field to understand and contribute to PV research as well as follow talks at PV specialist conferences.
  • summarize and contextualize the latest developments in PV research,
  • give graduates and educators the opportunity to refresh and update their knowledge.

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                PV Trainings:

Our PV Trainings courses provide platform for knowledge transfer aimed at qualifying PV professionals. The courses are designed for both businesses looking to enhance their employees’ skills and individuals seeking to improve their market positioning or refresh their skills.

Together with our industry partners we offer courses focusing on management-level and the other on the manufacturing. The management courses provide an in-depth exploration of the photovoltaic industry, covering topics such as market dynamics, integrated manufacturing, and international support mechanisms. Participants gain expertise in site selection, engineering, automation integration, supply chain management, and sustainable practices.

The manufacturing courses are designed for current and future solar specialists, including integrated production line staff, engineers, and all associated partners who ensure optimal results in manufacturing facilities. Participants will acquire extensive knowledge of each phase of photovoltaic production, from preparation to ramp-up.

Our training program combines online and hands-on learning methods.

For online training, participants progress at their own pace. Interactive quizzes assess understanding, and direct interaction with trainers via messages and live sessions provides support and deeper exploration.

Hands-on training at our partner offers selected participants a five-day immersive experience in solar cell production. Led by experts, participants engage in every step of the process, gaining practical insights that complement theoretical knowledge in real-time.

There is also the possibility of tailored in class courses and hands on trainings.

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                Training on Proposal Writing and EU-funded Projects:

We offer tailored training sessions, both online and on-site, to enhance the success and impact of EU-funded projects. Our training covers:

  • Developing Project Ideas: Guidance on transforming innovative concepts into viable project proposals.
  • Navigating the EU Funding Landscape: Insights on selecting the most suitable funding program for your project.
  • Managing and Coordinating EU-funded Projects: Best practices for efficient project management and coordination.
  • Successful Proposal Writing: Techniques and tips for crafting compelling proposals that stand out, including structuring and writing advice.
  • Developing Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Strategies: Strategies to enhance project visibility and impact through effective communication, dissemination, and exploitation approaches.
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Essential financial skills for effectively managing project budgets, including budget preparation and financial management.

Our training sessions at WIP Renewable Energies incorporate both theoretical learning and practical exercises. They can be customized to meet your specific needs and are available upon request.

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